Assessments for Leaders & Managers

The ESI People & HR Strategy Development® is created by the ESI Group that helps the organisation comprehensively assess the existing human capital and HR capacities then connect people and HR strategy to business strategy so senior leadership team can identify the necessary human and organizational capabilities needed to achieve key business objectives.

360 HR Competency Assessment

The 360 HR Competency assessment measures HR competencies and resources, identifies strengths and opportunities for transformation and best-delivering value to the business.

Engagement Assessment

Engagement and talent retention has become vital factors of HR effectiveness. A strategic perspective on talent development helps develop HR strategies for building engagement and talent retention.

HR Strategy Assessment

Our HR strategy assessment identifies how HR aligns with the business strategy so the leaders can solidify corporate competitive advantages to achieve greater levels of organizational success.

ESI People & HR Strategy Development®

The ESI People & Strategic HR Transformation® helps the corporates and schools succeeded in human capital management, particularly in enhancing the leader succession planning, talent development, employee engagement leading to the highly organisational effectiveness.

The success of any organisation is apparently dependent on its people’s happiness and success. Learning organisation and collaborative leadership evokes the sustainable development and growth for both the organisation and individual. Dr. Steve Pham

ESI Strategic HR Academy

ESI Strategic HR Academy belongs to ESI Global School provides contemporary executive education for all levels of learners in Vietnam. ESI Strategic HR Academy partners with global educational institutes and organisations offer intensive leadership and HR professional development for corporate, universities and individual leaders and HR professionals. The Strategic HR Academy combines standard global HRCI certifications, HREP certifications, or customized learning modules like 360 HR assessments, HR coaching skills, Talent Retention Strategy, and so on with rigorous academic curricula designed based on research and real world of HR to accelerate the development of HR professionals.